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Our Vision

Balance Dance Center Staff

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Balance Dance Center is born out of the concept that dance should not be an esoteric art form meant only for the very talented and the very young.  BDC seeks to nurture not only young aspiring dancers but also to make dance accessible to anyone who has an interest in exploring the possibilities of self-expression through movement. Through dance education, BDC inspires a new generation of dancers while raising community awareness of the value of dance expression through performance. Art meets life! Dedication, hard work, creativity, collaboration—BDC offers students of all ages the opportunity to celebrate life through dance. Come dance with us!

Our Students

Balance Dance Center welcomes all students and dance enthusiasts, from the novice to the pre-professional dancer. BDC’s mission is to provide high quality dance education in a nurturing environment while promoting dance as a life-long pursuit of creative expression and inspired wellbeing. We invite dancers of all ages, ability, and talent to study diverse styles of dance forms in an accessible and affirming atmosphere. A variety of classes includes everything from pre-ballet for four year olds to modern dance for advanced dancers and dance movement for adults. The variety of dance genres offered provides each student with the opportunity to become well rounded and balanced artists.

What We Do

In addition to regularly scheduled classes, Balance Dance Center offers dance workshops and master classes taught by visiting artists. Workshops feature intense instruction in dance styles already offered by BDC but also introduce other types of dance styles such as Bollywood and musical theater.

Come visit us and try a class. We look forward to seeing you!

Let’s dance!