Rosalee Katakam

Rosalee’s dance background begins thirty years ago in Jamaica where she studied modern dance, jazz, ballet, and African dance. While she lived in Jamaica, she also had the opportunity to study Bhangra with teachers from India. When Rosalee immigrated to the United States, she continued her dance training in school while performing with local Indian dance groups.

An avid choreographer, Rosalee has choreographed for many groups including children and adults. She currently directs a children’s performance group called Rosalee’s Desi Dance Group. She also choreographs dances for adults in preparation for Diwali performances. Rosalee possesses the ability to create choreography that highlights the strengths of her performers regardless of dance level or experience.

Rosalee loves people, and she is passionate about sharing the joy she experiences in the art of dance with her students. She believes that everyone is a dancer at heart, and she strives to help her students achieve their fullest potential through the art of dance.