Michael Nguyen

Michael NguyenMichael Nguyen is a current graduate student studying for his MFA in Choreography and Performance at Temple University. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in Professional Studies with a focus on Health Science and Dance, he began teaching and working on his career as an artist and dancer. Aside from teaching dance, Michael has performed and is currently performing on stage. He has danced for Rev9, The Academy of Phresh I Am Phresh, MM2 Modern Dance Company, Roger Lee Dance Company, Contempra Dance Theatre, and the Balance Dance Project.

Michael is a true student of dance who believes that dancers should learn as many styles of dance as possible to add depth to their vocabulary and choreography. Michael had the opportunity to intern at the Broadway Dance Center in the summer for 2010, where he trained with working artists such as Derek Mitchell, Luam Keflezgy, Future, Sheila Barker, Chio Yamada, Sheryl Murakami, Ejoe Wilson, Dana Foglia, Ginger Cox, and many more. Michael is an advocate for spreading love and happiness through dance when he is performing or teaching and respects all dance artists for their work and inspiration to audiences.